FireFlame Inu

Please be aware, we are in the process of migrating to v.2. 
You can get more information about this in our telegram.
 In order to migrate your tokens to the v.2 token send them to the address below 


 After sending your tokens in, we will be working hard to get your new tokens air dropped to you.

FireFlame Inu our flagship token is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain targeted towards artists of all types, Including content creators,  musicians,  gamers and streamers. We strive to show support for all creators alike regardless of genre.


 Our mission is to create an NFT marketplace and auctionhouse that will revolutionize the crypto industry, specifically the music industry.  In addition to  games and a gaming marketplace, we aim to create NFT’s that gamers can earn playing our games.  Musicians, SongWriters and other creators  will be able to control their copyrights, royalties and licensing via NFT’s, so that they may secure what is rightfully theirs.  We will also offer a traditional marketplace for artists to sell their NFT artwork.  Our DEX/Swap which is under construction and nearing completion will allow us to run the swap and NFT marketplace all under $FIRE.

Our current long term goal is to create a currency conversion hub for blockchain games. This hub will be a multi-coin and multi-chain gaming marketplace where gamers will be able to purchase their games’ currency using $FIRE, thereby bringing the communities together and makes keeping up with the diverse and numerous currencies easier.